Understanding Cats August 30, 2016 – Posted in: Cats

Cats are notoriously difficult to read, they can be enjoying a nice pat on your lap one minute and biting you the next. For some, the various behaviours of cats can be endearing, for others the unpredictability of a cat can be stressful. Let us shed some light on their behaviour:

Cats show affection in their own way
Some people complain that they don’t like cats because they aren’t affectionate, but this is not really the case. One obvious sign that a cat is happy is purring, but there are other behaviours that allow cats to show their owner’s some love.

  • Rubbing/Head-butts – Cats often show their fondness for their owner by rubbing their bodies up against them. Some cats like to head butt their owners, which can be a way for the cat to tell the owner that they trust them.
  • Sharing their hunt – Certain cats like to share the prey they have caught with their owners. A cat might so this to share their accomplishment with their owner or to thank their owner for providing food.

Cats like their own scent
One thing you may not realize about cats is how much of their behaviour is linked in part to depositing their scent on people and objects. Some seemingly odd behaviours can be explained by your cats desire to mark something with its scent because cats feel most comfortable in places that smell like them.

  • Urinating –If your cat has been peeing on your new carpet, it’s probably because it doesn’t smell like him and he doesn’t like that.
  • Rubbing up against things – As mentioned above, this is one way a cat shows their fondness for their owner, but cats also do this because they can transfer their scent to objects from glands in their cheeks.

Understanding vocal cats
Some cats are very quiet, while other cats are very vocal. Understanding the different noises that cats make can be difficult as there are many reasons for a cat’s vocalization.

  • Chatter – Some cats will make a funny clacking noise when they see a bird through the window. While the reason for this is not 100% confirmed, a couple of theories are that the cat is frustrated at not being able to actually catch the bird or the cat is instinctually getting its jaw ready to catch its prey.
  • Meowing – Meowing is a cat’s way of talking to its owner, some of the reasons a cat might meow are to say hi, to tell its owner that it’s hungry or for attention.

Some cat behaviour, like refusing to use the litter box or incessant yowling, can be a sign of a bigger problem and should be addresses with a veterinarian. Listen to your cat: understanding your cat’s behaviour makes living with the behaviour much easier.