PetPros are the Best! Our hamster got lost in the house and they came to our rescue : We looked altogether high and low, we couldn’t find him. 5-6 days later, my son heard scratching in the walls : Knowing that my daughter would be devastated, I gave PetPros a call for their assistance. Realizing Snowball was obviously in the wall, I gave them permission to cut a hole in the drywall to get Snowball out. Unbelievably, we managed to taunt him out of the wall with some of his favorite treats. It was incredible! Did I mention that this hamster is my daughter’s most precious friend in the entire world? Thanks to Petpros! Wilma, family and Snowball

It was fantastic to call PetPros Canada at last minute : They were able to arrange grooming for my chow-chow just before we went to Tremblant for the family reunion. Thanks, Johanne from GriffinTown.