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Walks and regular exercise are vital to the health and temperament of your dog. We offer private or semi private walks with our Pro Walkers who keep a close eye on your pet at all times while filling the walk with fun loving moments to keep your dog happy and healthy. While your dog is inactive at home, too little exercise and stimulation cause boredom and consequently behavioral and health related issues. Give us a call to help you gain some freedom while our Pro Walkers exercise your dog.

We offer the best care for your pets

PetPros Canada is Montreal’s premiere provider of professional dog boarding Montreal, dog walking, training and pet sitting services. PetPros Canada takes the stress out of finding a pet sitter and provides you with complete peace of mind. Our reliable team is there to ensure that your scheduling needs and special requirements are met with the ultimate in care.

The PetPros Canada team is passionate about animals. We offer you a variety of services and

personalized attention to ensure that you all feel like members of our family. Everything from dog boarding, dog walking to cat care and pet sitting – we are all you need to make your time away from your pets completely worry free and relaxing.

Whether you need a daily dog boarding Montreal service, pet training or need to schedule last minute pet sitting – PetPros Canada has you covered.

The well-being of your pet is our number one priority!

In Montreal, many companion animals wait at home all day while their owners are at work or away traveling. These pets are often under-exercised, and likely overweight and/or act out behaviorally – they are simply bored.

The good news is that many of these issues are avoidable and quite often 100% reversible! With today’s busy schedules, we know

that setting aside time for your pet’s daily needs can be trying. We can help!

PetPros Canada: Where the happiness and safety of your companion is our priority. We offer hands-on, personalized services for your pets.

Martin from Cote-Saint-Luc.

“PetPros Canada! What a concept! Impeccable service! Other companies should take note! The people are friendly and attentive to the well-being of our friends. I learned this when I trusted them with my best friend Jack and my house while I went on vacation. They stayed at my house and gave my dear friend the necessary care. Thank you very much PetPros Canada.”

Yannick from the Old Port

“This is a company of professionals! They come walk my two Schnauzers every day. They dry them and even wash their paws if necessary so they don’t get the apartment dirty! What consideration! A real 5 star service! Thank you PetPros Canada.”